Email block of mail from our servers to AOL has been removed.

I had to give them a call, and register the servers with AOL. They were pretty responsive, though it's odd that it takes a couple days for them to remove the blocks. Once registered, supposedly we will be notified by AOL if there is a reported issue, instead of them just blocking us.


The reason for the block is Mail Forwarding.

Several people use their website address to forward mail to AOL. That means that all their email (including all the spam) addressed to the website is going through our servers to AOL. Then, if an email is marked as spam by the recipient, AOL looks at where the email came from. Our servers are on that list of servers it came from. So, to AOL, our servers are sending SPAM.

Some techies might complain that AOL should be checking the Source IPs and not the forwarding server. The argument being that the true source is the sending server and not the innocent relayer. Valid point, but there could be exploited open relays. So, it's not such a horrible thing that AOL wants contact info for any server it allows to relay to them.

The ultimate solution will likely be that email forwarding becomes limited. At least to the big providers like AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Google. We'll see. Perhaps instead of a forwarder, a POP3 account should be setup for the web address. And then, if the user MUST use Google/Yahoo/etc, then they can set those accounts to retrieve the mail from their POP3 account. That bypasses any 'spam forwarding' issue, and allows the user to keep using their Yahoo/Google accounts. Not sure if AOL mail allows retrieval, but, then again, it's not likely an AOLer would know how to set those advanced settings anyway. Tongue out

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