After years of building trust Seven Sages LLC is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Internet - Web Hosting in Brookfield CT and business relationships, it was time to 'show off' with a recognized organization. So, since Seven Sages always had professional standards that mark a Better Business, we applied for BBB Accrediation.

Below is from the website:

Trust is a contract upon which your reputation is built.

BBB is a leader in advancing marketplace trust.  Today's savvy consumers and businesses want control and confidence in choosing a company that has made a public commitment to doing what is right.  For most decision makers, evaluating the trustworthiness of a business is one of the first steps in making a product purchase or service decision.  That is why we tell the public to Start with Trust; start their search with BBB Accredited Businesses. These companies have made a public commitment to live up to the Standards for Trust- a comprehensive set of policies and procedures focused on how businesses should treat the public- fairly and honestly.

BBB Accreditation is an honor.

  • Not every company is eligible for BBB Accreditation
  • Businesses that appear to meet BBB Standards for Trust may be invited to provide information to allow the BBB to evaluate them against BBB standards.
  • Businesses that meet all BBB standards are presented to our local Board of Directors for final review and acceptance as a BBB Accredited Business.

Reliability Reports
24/7 BBB Accredited Business Reports are available on the Internet - and by telephone via our Interactive Voice Response System (203) 269-2700, ext. 2.  Prospective customers are informed that your company meets the BBB Standards for Trust.  The report includes information about your business and is searchable by company name and/or business category.


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