Are you frustrated by the lack of control you have over one of your most powerful communication and selling tools, your website? Our clients aren't.....

We build websites using the powerful Content Management System, Joomla. This makes managing a website straightforward and easy with no need to even see, let alone write HTML. Our clients use their websites as business tools and they have total control over the content with no input from us.

Many sites have used FrontPage in the past with great success. However, as of Summer 2006, Microsoft has stopped support for FrontPage on Linux servers, and as of 2007 stopped selling FrontPage. Therefore, sites using FrontPage should start thinking about moving to something else to manage their sites. Either utilize the great new tools that Joomla and other CMS packages offer, or try the newer offering from Microsoft for web design. (Expression Web)

Of course, the Professional Web Designers will probably stick with Dreamweaver, perhaps utilizing it with a CMS.

As Brian at Seven Sages has moved more into Server Administration and management, along with ongoing Spam monitoring and filtering, we've begun to align ourselves with excellent Web and Graphic Designers to create a symbiotic relationship between Designer and Server Management. We can still create some quick basic websites for you, but when you need custom graphics and images, you need to have a person that specializes in just graphics. Using the best talents of each person increases quality and value.

If you are a graphic designer (print based) looking to expand your offerings by doing websites, contact us to see how we can work together to give the best value to your clients.

Whether it's a simple 3 page site, a big deep involved site, or an e-commerce site, we can manage the creation of your site from beginning to end. And, we help make sure you don't overbuy, getting expensive features right away without fully understanding your exact needs at startup.

A CMS gives you total control, saves you money and makes sense.  Contact us today.

Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.